NF003# Europe and the United States2020 fashion coat hooded women's long sleeve zipper sweater women a large number of spot exports

Cotton fiber products:
Polyester + Cotton,Zipper Lapel sweater,Long sleeves, basic,Piece, solid,9 colors,6 sizes,Large inventory,Photo shoot,Air express,Prompt delivery,Weight 0.5KG,Major European and American markets

2020 Europe and the United States fashion coat hooded women's long sleeve zipper women's large number of spot export, multi-color and multi-size, ladies' Slim bodyguard, long sleeve zipper, lapel cotton polyester blend, durable, colorful, temperament commuter style,

Product information:

·colors ((white / red / Green / Black / Rose / dark grey / Royal Blue / orange / coffee)

·specifications ( S / M / L / XL / 2XL / 3XL)

·Fabric composition (70% polyester, 30% cotton)

·Suitable for young female friends aged 20-35.

·Washing instructions: no machine washing, no mixed washing, hand washing is better

·After the reservation is successful, the goods will be delivered quickly and delivered home by express.

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