Customized Thickened Hooded Corduroy Coat

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Customized Thickened Hooded Corduroy Coat

Did you know that there are a lot of different types of coats out there in the market today? One of the most common coats you can see are the heavyweight styled coats that you will find in most fashion stores.customized thickened hooded corduroy coat You might have even thought about trying one of these coats on to see if it's something you like.

Hooded coats are different from regular jackets in some ways. The reason for this is that the hoods on hooded coats to help keep the body warm during the coldest parts of the day. The fur is thinner and doesn't have as much padding on it. The coat has a long, narrow cuffs and a small button flap for easy access.

These coats are great in the cold winter months because they keep your body warmer while keeping your feet cooler. The hood will also help prevent your face from getting ice build up on it.

One style of this type of coat is called the button down or placket down jacket. This style is usually a double-breasted jacket with long sleeves. It usually comes in either black or white and it can come with a collar or no collar at all.

The placket down style has a lightweight down on the inside of the jacket and it has a lighter color on the outside. It is lined with fleece and this is the only time it would be okay to wear this style of coat.

Both the placket down style and the button down style have the same measurements when it comes to chest size and sleeve length. The down inside on the placket down style is thicker than the down inside on the button down style. The buttons on the placket down style are easier to buttons and the buttons on the button down style are the thickest.

These styles will have either a white, black, tan, blue, green, grey, red, yellow, or purple lining. The lining colors on the placket down style and the button down style have a black and a white lining. If you are buying a custom tailored up-do it yourself style, then the buttons on the placket down style should be buttons with a thicker gauge.

You can pick out the style of cuffs you want and you can have these customized with monograms on the cuffs and a name in your chosen color on the back of the cuff. Many people opt for a monogram and a small name on the cuff of the custom thickened hooded corduroy coat.

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