Customized Thousand Bird Pattern Camouflage Sweater

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Customized Thousand Bird Pattern Camouflage Sweater

A customized thousand bird pattern camouflage sweater is one of the greatest ways to stay camouflaged, even when your hunting dog is searching for you. With an animal camouflage design that is printed onto an organic fabric such as cotton, it is relatively easy to camouflage a sweater. This is not the case with the standard green on a black silhouette pattern that many people are familiar with.

There are no chemicals, dyes or other harmful additives found in leather based material which makes it very safe to wear. Yet, a clothing pattern that is printed directly onto organic fabric has no such restrictions and therefore allows for a good quality sweater to be made that will survive many years of use. Most hunters wear clothes made of natural fabrics such as cotton and this is a good choice for hunting gear. On the other hand, the most common hunter apparel is made from woolen or canvas, which provide little or no protection from insects and other pests.

A hundred bird pattern camouflage sweater can be personalized to your specifications using standard sewing machines. When you order this type of sweater, there are no right or wrong instructions. Even a novice seamstress can create a variety of designs that you will love as well as fit any shape and size of body.

You do not have to purchase only one design customization from a company if you choose to custom-design your own material for your sweater. In fact, there are so many wonderful patterns available that you may want to design several different sweaters and then put them all together with coordinating colors, sizes and materials. You will also need a measuring tape so you can create the correct sizing.

Many sites online provide great custom design patterns that you can print from a template, cutting out the images and measuring them to fit your chosen dimensions. Custom pattern templates are designed to fit standard size clothing materials such as shirts and jackets. If you are planning to make a few smaller sweaters then you may find it easiest to make two different sized pieces at once.

To cut out the sweater, first remove the pattern template and cut the design out. Trim the edges of the patterning to give a finished look to the garment. Using a standard sewing machine, trace around the desired size, distance and shape of the sweater with an ink marker or pencil.

After tracing, use a graphic pen or other marking tool to add detail and color where needed. Use scissors to trim the excess color or shape away from the final design. You may need to make a couple minor alterations before the final sweater is ready.

You may want to adjust the original design slightly, by slightly pinching or expanding one or two sections of the patterning. Print your design and then take the sweater to the local tailor to have it hemmed. The sweater will need to be hemmed or sewn in places that will not show the patterned pattern.

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