How to Hem Easy-Maintainable Slim and Thickened Spinning Blouse

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How to Hem Easy-Maintainable Slim and Thickened Spinning Blouse

When you buy an easy-maintainable slim and thickened spinning blouse, it is fairly easy to make the alterations needed.easy-maintainable slim and thickened spinning blouse Most easy-maintainable garments can be altered without the need for additional sewing knowledge or skills.

A thin blouse needs to be hemmed if it is too short or enlarged if it is too long. When choosing a hem, make sure the hem of the blouse will have sufficient room to accommodate any embellishments that you choose to add to it before trimming it.

Fabric weight, also known as a garment weight, is an important aspect to consider when you are choosing a hem of a skirt blouse. Choose a fabric weight that is compatible with the fabric that will be worn underneath. If you are trying to achieve a combination of both formal and casual, you may choose to use the same fabric for the blouse and the undershirt.

Fabric weight is often less noticeable to most people than other factors, such as color or pattern. However, if you do choose a lighter fabric, this may make your hem look heavier or darker. For this reason, you may choose to opt for a more durable fabric such as silk or satin, even if you are trying to achieve a lighter look. In the same vein, choose a more traditional style of blouse and try using an embroidered or zebra-striped sleeve with the same style blouse.

It is important to understand how this type of garment is assembled. The pattern of the hem of the skirt is usually designed with stitching that stays inside the skirt by way of darts. You can therefore easily insert a lining along the length of the skirt to create a hem that will be easier to take care of and repair in the event that thedarts get stuck in the skirt material.

Sewing the skirt hem to the outside of the blouse is easy. Start by cutting the skirt to a length that will fit over the blouse and to fit around the darts. Make a number of stitches along the bottom of the skirt at each end of the hem, to secure the hem. If your skirt hem already has a lining, you can easily sew it along the skirt in place of the hem, without having to hem the skirt.

Trim the skirt so that it is straight, and do not hem it. Pin the edge of the skirt to the bodice on the bottom of the blouse, lining the edges of the hem.

Fold the bodice over the skirt, overlapping the edge of the skirt in the middle. Line up the darts of the skirt with the darts of the bodice, then pull the hem to the edge of the bodice and up through the waistband. Tie a straight ribbon around the entire hem of the skirt, as well as one on the hem of the blouse. Secure these bows to the skirt by pulling them through the bodice.

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